Sellers of ngot and Powder Group Gold


Owners of our mines, and therefore direct sellers, we discuss directly with the buyer or investor to find an agreement on the sale of our products or investment on our mines. This discussion allows us to know the requirements of the buyer, or the investor, to develop a procedure to follow.
Usually, we sell on site here at the jewelers who buy small quantities; 10 grams, 20… 100, a few times more. Them, they control and they pay. Other people come to buy from us. These are envoys of corporations. But, we don’t like too much to sell them because they buy at low price.
Today, our greatest desire is to open up to international. But, it requires knowledge of the requirements of those who want to work with us. Our goal for this new year is to create a partnership to better sell our products.
We are looking for a partner who will listen to us, advise us, so that together we innovate. For diamonds, it is very difficult to sell on the spot. Those who buy are the rich who want to offer that to their women for marriage. But it is not every day.






Goods: Metal (gold
Origin: Central Africa Republic
Shape: Powder and Ingot
Quality: +22carats
Purity: 92% minimum
Current quantity: 400 Kg
Site availability: Cotonou (Benin Republic) Ghana , Burkina Faso
Accuracy of the packaging: packaging box shipping
Laboratory: Ministry of mines (OBRGM)
Gene product: Clean, clear and non-criminal origin mortgage
Control Punch (footprint): no
Price: US$ 37,000.00/ Kg
Currency of payment: EURO or USD
Transport time: 07 day minimum
Validity: Subject to confirmation
Documents: The seller must provide the following documents

Payment period: 72 hours after receipt of the test report from the refinery
Method of payment: by SWIFT after refining



1- The seller send a binding offer (FCO)
2- The buyer accept the offer (FCO) and sends a letter of intent (LOI)
3- The buyer moves in Cotonou (BENIN) for physical inspection and a pre-test of gold
4- The buyer and seller may sign a contract so that our company can finalize the request
5- After the satisfaction, the advance of buyer to ship the goods at its refinery, the taxes are generally 12% of the invoice value of the goods which is documentation and re-export expenses, and that he would devote the total value of the goods after refining.
6- The representative of the seller shall accompany the goods to the buyer refinery
7- The buyer pays the balance after deduction of tax by transfer to a designated account.
To serve and to assert that right.

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