Power to act, extraordinary performance. At GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION, this sentence is the basis of our activities and our aspirations. By helping each other, giving us the power to act and committing ourselves, we build a company where reaching excellence goas with our forward-thinking vision of responsible mining.
As our operations are increasing around the globe, we are looking for outstanding professionals who share our aspirations and who want to be part of our tradition of discovery and our commitment to Zero Incident.
Our priority will always be to our employees to return home safely. Zero Incident represents our commitment to strive constantly to achieve excellence in health, to minimize our environmental impact and working collaboratively with our host communities
Imagine you work within a company…

* where the health and safety, biodiversity and human rights constitute the priority: these points are non-negotiable.
* where your values follow you at work
where the opportunities of continued development give you the opportunity to flourish in one of our five mines and exploration in West Africa, South America and 18 sites in the Canada
where leadership based on progress and a culture giving the power to act shall ensure that your voice counts.

The culture of trading GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION

At GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION, we believe that we can achieve extraordinary results thanks to the commitment, the power to act and mutual support. Here are the core values that guide us:
We strive for excellence in everything we do
We are responsible and we work in a transparent way.
We behave in a respectful manner and we value diversity
We grow through teamwork, learning and innovation

Zero Incident
We are also guided by our Zero Incident goal, our commitment to constantly strive to achieve excellence in health and safety, minimize our environmental impact and to work in cooperation with our host communities. Zero Incident is a goal and a course. To get to meet our commitments, we must rely on partnerships, whether it’s with with our communities, with civil society, or our most important partnership with our employees.
Discover how Zero Incident helps us realize our vision of responsible mining and enriching the life of our stakeholders.
If you feel ready to build your future with a passionate, caring and innovative team, we invite you to explore the career opportunities with GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION. Come and perpetuate our tradition of discovery and commitment to Zero Incident. Become an Ambassador for GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION.

Health and safety are at the heart of our unwavering commitment to our vision Zero Incident. We know that maintaining a healthy and safe workplace does not require only policies and procedures, but also a culture of health and safety integrated into our daily routines and our operations worldwide

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