Health and safety is at the heart of our unwavering commitment to our vision Zero Incident. We know that maintaining a healthy and safe workplace does not require only policies and procedures, but also a culture of health and safety integrated into our daily routines and our operations worldwide. Recognized international standars as OHSAS guide us and allow us to ensure compliance with the highest standards in health and safety at work, but we focus on the behaviour and prevention programs to reduce the risk to work and give the power to act to the employees so that they are responsible for their own health and safety at work.

The Mind Body Achievement program is our flagship SS and is based on team spirit and positive recognition. It integrates activities of development of leadership skills, skills recognition and elimination of risks and improves flexibility by morning stretching. The purpose of the MBA is to ensure agility of the body and the liveliness of the spirit of all of our employees that relates to risk safety and health to which they and their colleagues are exposed.
Behavior-based programs also have an impact on the way we measure our performance in health and safety worldwide. Best traditional practices are to measure ‘performance indicators’, i.e. indicators representing what is already produced: the total recordable incidents and the number of days of absence, restrictions and transfers are examples of outcome indicators. We measure and follow these indicators closely and we are proud to show a downward trend over the past 6 years in respect of performance indicators. However, we also measure a set “of indicators of prevention” which allowed to predict performance and to encourage a culture of vigilance and safety excellence. Prevention indicators help us to create an conducive environment to the safe and healthy workplace.


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