We are in partnership with gold panners gathered in a same organisation .We are working on our own mines in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana, Guinea-Conakry. In our mines we extract gold and other precious stones. You can visit our mines everyday. We are open to any partnership. We work two days and rest the third day. We have mines on rocks, notably Mali and also alluvial mines in Ghana Burkina Faso, Guinea and other West African countries.

We, Director general of the Gold Negoce Corporation company indicated above, you confirm with complete social authority and legal responsibility that we are ready, willing and able to support gold as described below, and we confirm in addition, gold is exempt mortgage, home equity and not in anyway related to criminality, in addition the family of former Central African Republic president Michel Djotodia currently in exile in Cotonou gave us a large quantity of gold in order to find potential buyers. Gold is currently available here in our company Gold Negoce Corporation .


Goods: Metal (gold)
Origin: Central Africa Republic
Shape: Powder and Ingot
Quality: +22 carats
Purity: 92% minimum
Current quantity: 4000 Kg
Site availability: Cotonou (Benin Republic) Kenya , Ghana , Burkina-Faso .
Accuracy of the packaging: packaging box shipping
Laboratory: Ministry of mines (OBRGM)
Gene product: Clean, clear and non-criminal origin mortgage
Control Punch (footprint): no
Price: US$ 37,000.00/ Kg
Currency of payment: EURO or USD
Transport time: 07 day minimum
Validity: Subject to confirmation
Payment period: 72 hours after receipt of the test report from the refinery
Method of payment: by SWIFT after refining.

Gold Negoce Corporation is the Representative of west african’s gold panners
We are wholesale and retail from 500 grams of gold according to your requests.We accept any kind of proposals.

Gold Negoce Corporation Company Limited
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Tél: 00233 265 616 203 (Appel Whatsapp)
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