Acid Test: A test to determine the fineness of gold by subjecting it to various acids. Nitric acid is usually used for testing up to 10 carat gold. Gold finer than 10 carat only reacts with a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids known as aqua regia.

Alloy: A mixture of gold and or silver with other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, platinum etc.

Annealing: heating blanks (planchets) in a furnace that softens the metal.

Aqua: literally water (Latin). In addition to terms denoting a condition or source or water (such as aqua tepida, warm water, or aqua nivialis meaning water from snow), some aqua terms denote aqueous solutions.

Arbitrage: Buying a commodity on one market and immediately selling it on another to take advantage of differences between the prices on both.goldbars.

Argentum: Latin for silver, hence the symbol Ag; argentum vivum, literally "living silver", is native mercury [Pliny]

Ask: The ask is the price which a dealer offers to sell.

Assay: A test to find out the metallic content of a coin or bar. The test determines the purity, fineness and weight of a precious metal.

AU: AU is the chemical symbol for gold. It comes from the Latin word for gold which is Aurum.

Aurora: the goddess of shining dawn.

Aurum: Latin for gold, hence the symbol Au.

Austrian 100 Corona: A restrike (a coin previously minted and then reissued or 'restruck') bullion gold coin containing .9802 ounce of gold. Avoirdupois: The system of weights for commodities with the exception of precious metals, stones, and drugs. One avoirdupois ounce equals 28.35 grams or 437.50 grains. See troy ounce also.

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