We offer you the sale of gold in powder and ingots and at the same time we ask for your collaboration. Indeed, we represent a group of Ghanaian and Malian villagers working in the field of gold. We have a significant quantity of about 1000 Kg of gold in Bullion available for sale.

Thus we are looking for partners in EUROPE, ASIA or the USA. In the meantime, we present you the characteristics of the gold we have at our disposal:


1- Nature: Gold ingot and gold powder
2-quality : 22 carats
3-Price: 37.000 Dollars /kg
4-Quantity 1000 kg of gold available
5-Supply capacity 100 to 500 kg per month


If you are interested in this proposal, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

NB : The buyer will come on site to examine the stock, and even a sample will be given for analysis of its purity .

Adresse : Street Wanssirou Cotonou3 BENIN
Email : goldnegocecorporation@gmail.com
Telephone : +229 971 54 652.