Sale of raw gold powder and gold bullion in quantity

Offer for sale of Raw Gold (UA), HMS1&2 Scrap, Copper and Aluminum Scrap

We are in association with a unit of large production and sale of gold powder and bullion in Africa (Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Burkina-Faso). We immediately have a large quantity of gold for sale. Delivery to the destination.

Here are the characteristics of FCO

Commodity: Au metal (Gold)
Origin : West Africa
Form: Powder and ingot
Quality: 22 carats plus
Purity: 96%.
Quantity : 2 Tonnes

Delivery: to the destination after testing the sample at the refinery.
Shipment: 100 kg and more for a first shipment

Packing precision: Shipping packing case.

Laboratory: Ministry of Mines (OBRGM)

Price FOB: 37.000 $/Kg
Cash payment or bank transfer .

We have a refinery in place for product verification prior to purchase. We assign a commission to those who can find us potential customers.

Please contact us for a favorable follow-up.

Currently we are looking for serious buyers with whom we can work.

Gold Negoce Corporation Company Limited
5,0 (1) · Société minière
Adress: 115 Hilla Limann Hwy HEAD QUARTERS Accra GHANA.
Tél: 00233 265 616 203 (Appel Whatsapp)
Ouvert 24h/24
E-mail:  goldnegocecorporation@gmail.com


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