GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION LTD is a 100% Ghanaian company, authorized by the Ghana Minerals Commission to accept export and to engage in extraction of small oil, between others. . RAFFINAGE GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION LTD specializes in refining of precision metals, such as original origin that is secondary. Cela aide à purifier le métal afin qu'il puisse être utilisé dans une variété d'autres applications. Our industrial use is capable of treating large quantities of oil for the quality of metal.

ACHAT We have a number of partners with miners. Cela nous permet de négocier avec les miners afin de pouvoir acheter de l'or brut à utiliser pour nos refus de refining. Our competencies and our expertise are subject to negotiation from the author and other articles at rates.

DOSAGE The analysis is a process by which the quality of a metal or a mineral is determined and that GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION LTD composition of l'or avant l'achat et / ou la vente de l'or ou d'un autre métal. .

VENTES We are looking to sell special metal materials, and to buy, the agent and other minerals to the registered registrars. This includes all of the jewelry industry and other industries.

EXPORTATION At GOLD NEGOCE CORPORATION LTD, we are authorized to export minerals and metals in the fields of Ghana. We examine the bees and sum in the measure of the exporter over all the regions of the globe.

Gold Negoce Corporation Company Limited
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Adress: 115 Hilla Limann Hwy HEAD QUARTERS Accra GHANA.
Tél: 00233 265 616 203 (Appel Whatsapp)
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