Procedure for the first sale of FOB gold.

The FOB consists of the buyer coming to the seller's country to take care of the shipping costs and the seller accompanies him to his refinery to wait for the final payment while taking care to deduct the costs he has. hired to make the documents.
The CIF, the buyer remains in his country and asks the seller to ship the goods to him at the seller's expense.

In our FOB procedure which I explained to you, it was said that you the buyer will bear the cost of shipping the goods, which amounts to 7% of the total value of the goods to be shipped. The buyer's 7% advance will be used to prepare shipping documents such as: freight, customs, insurance, control and weighing sheet, export authorization, non-crime certificate, non-mortgage certificate ...


goods: Metal (gold)
Origin: Ghana, Guinea, Kenya.
Box shipping form
Laboratory: Department: Gold powder and ingot.
Quality: +22 carats
Purity: 96% minimum
Current quantity: 690 kilograms
Site availability: Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Togo.
Packaging precision: mine packaging (OBRGM)
Product of the gene: original mortgage clean, clear and not criminal
Control punch: none
Price: US $ 37,000 / Kilogram
Currency of payment: EURO or USD.
Transport time: 05 days minimum
Validity: subject to confirmation.

Gold Negoce Corporation Company Limited
5,0 (1) · Société minière
Adress: 115 Hilla Limann Hwy HEAD QUARTERS Accra GHANA.
Tél: 00233 265 616 203 (Appel Whatsapp)
Ouvert 24h/24


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